Rules for Members of Cornhill Squash Club

The Club is run on a very informal basis, with each member having a key to the building to allow them to, within reasonable bounds, come and go and use the facilities as they please. It is run as a not for profit organisation with any surplus generated being reinvested in the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities. Administration of the affairs of the Club is performed by the Committee in their own free time. The continued viability of the Club is therefore largely dependent on the self-regulation and participation of individual members.

We therefore ask that you strictly observe a few key rules as follows:

  • You will receive a key when you become a member. Under no circumstances should you make copies or lend your key to non-members. Should you lose your key you must report this to the Club Secretary immediately. A replacement key will be supplied on payment of an additional key deposit fee.
  • The Club is available to members 24 hours a day and as a member you may book the court by paying the appropriate fee on the MYCOURTS online booking system.
    • You will need to "top-up" your booking system account as you must have sufficient credit in order to book the court.
    • When cancelled more then 24 hours prior to the reserved start time, the booking fee is fully refunded as booking system credit.
    • When cancelled within 24 hours prior to the reserved start time, the booking fee is only refunded if the same date and start time is re-booked.
  • Guest Fees
    • When playing a Guest, members must select "£2 Guest" as the plaing partner/opponent to show on the booking sheets.
    • The system will automatically charge the Guest Fee to your booking system account by adding it to the booking fee already paid.
    • If you're no longer playing a Guest, you can change your playing partner/opponent to a member, and the Guest Fee will be removed. This can be done when you book the court or any time before playing.
    • You do not need to have sufficient credit on your booking system account in order to select "£2 Guest" charge, however, you will need to buy more credit if this results in you not having sufficient credit in your account when you make your next booking.
    • You are entitled to bring playing guests to the club up to 6 times per year.
    • Guests must sign in the book provided.
  • Non-marking footwear must be used on the court at all times.
  • Members are asked to park sensibly at the front of the premises to ensure that four cars can be accommodated.
  • Members are requested to be considerate towards our neighbours and to avoid making too much noise outside the Club, particularly at night.
  • When you leave the premises please ensure that the screens that separate the gallery from the court are closed and that all the lights have been turned off.
  • There is no telephone at the Club. Members are responsible for ensuring that they bring a mobile phone with them when they use the Club to allow them to call for assistance in the event of an emergency. The address and postcode of the Club are shown on the main notice board.

The building and facilities at Cornhill have some non-standard characteristics that arise from the fact that the building was originally a barn/stable before its conversion to a squash court. There are a number of these characteristics that present some Health and Safety issues that you need to be aware of and some rules that you must strictly observe as follows:

  • The stairs to the viewing gallery are extremely steep. You must use the handrails provided and take particular care when using them.
  • If you have brought guests to the club, you are responsible for ensuring that they have been informed about the hazard before they use the stairs and you must tell them to use the handrails provided.
  • If your guests are children, aged 14 or under, we would additionally ask that you supervise their ascent and descent of the stairs.
  • You should inspect the playing surface of the court before you play. The floor of the court should be dry and clean for it to be a safe playing surface. If the floor is not clean and dry you should not use the court.
  • Occasionally, under certain circumstances the court floor may become wet (due to roof leaks or condensation etc.). When this happens the playing surface will appear dark and damp and will be very slippery. Under no circumstances should squash be played when the floor is in this condition.
  • The Club will promptly reimburse booking fees to members who have paid for courts that cannot be used as a result of the court being unfit for use.
  • In general, we would ask that members bring to the attention of the Committee any property related issues they have observed, i.e. defects that might require repair or maintenance.

Lastly, since squash is a strenuous high impact sport which can be dangerous, for you own wellbeing and safety, before you play you should note the following:

  • It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the rules of Squash and in particular gain a thorough understanding of the rules that relate to safe playing.
  • The Club has no liability for personal injuries incurred whilst playing at Cornhill. Nor does the Club have any liability for injuries caused by members to other players - e.g. through being hit with a racquet/ball or through collision. The Committee recommends that individual players take out insurances to cover such risks though it is left entirely to individual member's own discretion whether they take out insurance or not.
  • All accidents must be written up in the accident book provided.

If you are unsure of what is required or you need further information, please contact the Club Secretary. It is a condition of your membership that you have read and understood these rules, agreed to abide by them and have signed and dated the declaration on the membership application form.

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