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Racketball at Cornhill

To All Members

The Club Committee has decided to diversify a little by introducing a second sport to Cornhill - Racketball.

Racketball is the UK derivative of the US sport of Raquetball that was first played in 1950. The UK version was introduced in 1976, using a slightly different ball. The sport is now played in about 90 countries by about 10 million players.

Quote from UK Racketball:

"The fact that the ball is bigger, more bouncy and does not need warming up means that the rallies last longer, as the ball moves slower giving the opponent more time to react and get to the ball. The shorter racket also helps with hand eye coordination making the ball easier to strike. Overall this makes the game much easier to pick up than many other sports like squash or tennis. Racketball is said to be "easy to learn yet difficult to master" which is one of the key factors in the sports recent growth."

The Cornhill Racketball Plan

To encourage this initiative, the Club will purchase two rackets and a couple of balls. These items will be stored at the Club for the use of all members until such a time that people feel confident and sufficiently interested to purchase their own equipment - the rackets are generally much cheaper than squash rackets. The Club racketball equipment should be in place in a few days time, ready for use from 27th March.

When you have used the Cornhill racketball equipment, please ensure that you return the rackets and balls to the grey tub (see below) in which they are stored in the viewing gallery, having first wiped the handles of the rackets with the cleaning materials that you will also find in the grey tub. Please don't inadvertently take the equipment home with you!

We are going to set up a Racketball League that will operate on a monthly basis, starting on April 1st and running year-round. All entrants will play in a round-robin competition (ie everyone plays everyone else), playing as many or as few games as they wish (no pressure to play 100% of the available games). The person earning the most points by the end of the month will be the league winner for that month and we'll come up with a suitable prize. There will be no handicaps in the Racketball League.


The Racketball League will be set up on MyCourts once we have all of the entrants. Court bookings will be as now, cost £6 for 40 minutes. Squash and Racketball will operate in tandem, so all members have the opportunity to play both sports with no additional fees over and above the court costs.

The points scoring will be identical to squash at Cornhill - each player receives one point for turning up then you add the game score, so match scores will be 4-1, 4-2 or 4-3.

For ease of booking and to separate this from the Squash communications, we will include all Racketball League players in a separate WhatsApp group, tagged Racketball Round Robin (the 3 R's).

If you want to get involved in this new competition, please just respond directly to this email by Thursday 30th March. If you miss the April start, you can join in future months.


The Rules ( are very similar to squash; the main exceptions being:

  1. The ball must be bounced before serving to the front wall and landing in back quarter as normal.
  2. As long as the ball is above the tin and below the top line on the front wall, the shot is good – there is no requirement for the serve to be above the front service line.
  3. If you fault on your first serve, you get a second serve.
  4. Each set (best of 5) runs to 11 points. If 10-all, then keep going until two points clear.

The Service

(a) The server stands with at least part of one foot in the service box, touching the floor but not touching the line. Anything else is a “fault”.

(b) The ball must bounce once anywhere on the floor without touching the walls, and hit directly to the front wall between the tin and the out of court line, to return to the opposite back quarter of the floor. If the ball is not bounced, this is a “fault”.

(c) On serving, the service is a “fault” (short) if the ball rebounds from the front wall to the floor outside the opposite back quarter. It may touch the sidewall before touching the floor.

(d) On serving, the service is a “fault” (long) if the ball rebounds from the front wall to the back wall before touching the floor. It may touch the sidewall before the floor. A ball which strikes the floor and the back wall simultaneously is considered to be a good.

Second Service

Two service attempts may be allowed for any of the foul above, however if the receiver, at their discretion, may accept and play a fault first service, in which case, the rally continues as normal. If the fault first service is refused, then a second service is taken from the same service box. This is called “second service”. If this is also a fault, the receiver shall not play, and wins the rally. If the ball is served on to the floor or tin or walls before hitting the front wall, or strikes the roof or walls above the out-of-court line, a second service is not allowed.

Winning a Rally

A rally is won if the opponent, before the ball has bounced twice, fails to hit it, either directly or via other walls, onto the front wall. Scoring The scoring system is the best of 5 games up to 11 points, Point-a-Rally (formerly known as American scoring). At 10 all, the “setting” is automatically set to 2 clear points. When the server wins the rally, a point is scored and the service is retained. When a server fails to serve or loses a rally, the call is “Hand-out” and the opponent scores a point and becomes the server.

Lets and Strokes

A stroke is awarded when a player is significantly prevented from hitting the ball directly to the front wall. All other interferences results in a Let. – The rally stops and is replayed.

Safety First

Never play a shot that might result in your opponent getting hit with the racket or ball, always stop and play a Let. A situation often occurs in Racketball where a cross court ball hits the side wall, goes around the back of the court and comes off of the back wall, crossing the half court line. The incoming player has not turned, but has backed off onto the wrong side of the court and is in position, so should stop and play a Let. If the player decides to play the ball and hits the opponent then that is dangerous play, and the striker should lose the point, unless the opponent has deliberately got in the way.

As per the current Cornhill Squash Club Rules, it is recommended that Racketball players wear eye protection for all games.


If you want to play Racketball at Cornhill before 1st April, please feel free to use the equipment from 27th March and have a go at this exciting addition to our Club.

Enjoy your Squash........and Racketball!

The Cornhill Squash Club Committee


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